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  • maximum height 35 foot or 10.65 meters,( upgrades may reach upto 60 footor 18 meters or 6 storeys subject to demand)
  • finishes wash-squeegee ,wash-rinse, wash-rinse-squeegee, pressure-clean

water fed technology delivering upto 60% water savings*

wagtail tools

* compared with 00's brush technology without rinsebar technology

Terryfic total cleaning system 21

while we are waiting for the final development of the central tool that brings our 3 systems into 1 unified system we are still using the existing waterfed and hand tool and pressure-clean systems, which are to be integrated into total cleaning system 21


is a system that has been redeveloped from the ground up with the following requisites:-

  • lighter weight, better transport
  • better water efficiencies
  • better material efficiencies
  • quicker cleaning process
  • better cleaning

at the heart of the waterfed component is the light weight dual chamber resin exchange system which gets the greatest efficiency from the resin.

as we see the from the (over simplified) adjacent diagrams that the water passes through the resin in the chamber and the ions in the water( the ones that cause staining exchange with the ions in the resin thus causing a clear non staining water that will rinse clean.

next gen wagtail tools

now that we have the water end sorted we have invested in the tool end of the pole.

the current attachments uses a more efficient micro fibre technology combined with rinsebar technology

  • upto 60% more water efficient*
  • time efficient,*

the waterfed component is ideal for solar panel cleaning, most outdoor windows and small house washing jobs

the hand wash component

the total cleaning system includes component which are used for the traditional cleaning system which include the highly efficient wagtail combination and highflyer tools

ideal for most indoor and commercial jobs

The pressure component

combining our waterfed component with the kärcher cleaning system to access impossible access windows including windows locked behind crimsafe