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Do they have assets in this town?

Over the years there have been many cowboys installing solar panels in this town. one thing that has been common among those, people have come from out of town. being in a smaller city like toowoomba, I have come to meet most of the local suppliers and installers and have found them to be professional and wanting to be a long term supplier of green energy.

this is why we believe that you should look for a shop for a local retailer, or find out if a mobile service has assets within this town.

with this knowledge we have a stronger confidence these installers will stick by their sales. 

what to look for?

do they take a survey before a panel is laid please ensure you know when and how many hours you get sun on your roof. I have met many people frustrated by the lack of sun on their panels, and believe they'd be better off without solar.

things that perplex us is the fact that we see quite often that installers install panels below the likes of antennas which you almost certainly see the below panels covered in bird remains.

while installing the panels the installer doesn't install bird protection below the panels.