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Environmental values

We at a1 terryfic live in Toowoomba which is located on planet earth, so why would we want to damage our home? while we are stuck in the corrupt greedy society that pushes over-production for the sake of pushing up share prices at the expense of our planet, we have taken steps to minimalize the effect our staff has on our beautiful planet

Low emission transport

we are currently in a society that is tied to the motor vehicle, so our vehicle choices have either been powered by LPG, or have been small capacity, low emission vehicles.

we have never owned a diesel vehicle

we prefer to look after quotations while we are in your suburb or we can give an estimate from photos you can email to us.

Zero emissions transport

we have taken the unprecedented step to on some occasions reduce our emisions to practically the zero mark, when we can do so, allowing for weight capacity and range

water conservation

we started waterfed cleaning in 2010, in the last few months of the drought, so we see the importance of minimal water consumption.

we have chosen a di system over ro as it has less waste water.

In our system we have included the wagtail wave, which washes and rinses together so ;less water is needed 

solar energy

we believe that renewable energy are the way of the future, that is why when we discovered that our then new equipment was the best way to clean solar panels we transferred straight into solar cleaning

paperless office

we consider ourselves a paperless office, we do not use snailmail as this not only consumes the trees to create paper, but the transport of the paper to us then out through the mail service creates a massive carbon foot print.

we use freshbooks cloud accounting.

all correspondence outbound is either through sms or email.